my qualification

my work experience

2018 / Apr - Present

System Engineer | dean one

dean one B.V. | Amstelveen
After my internship at ARAG SE Nederland, I started working as a Junior System Engineer at dean one. I'm responsible for the office environment and workspaces for 65 users. I manage the Windows Server/Desktop environemt, O365 environemt and end-user devices.

27 Jun 2016 / 02 Nov 2017

Cisco CCNA 1 / CCNA 2

MBO Hilversum - RocVA | Hilversum
Cisco CCNA 1 and CCNA 2 were part of my education. By successfully following this course I have the official CCNA1 and CCNA2 certificates from Cisco. CCNA1 includes, Introduction to Networks and CCNA2 includes, Routing and Switching Essentials.

2017 / Nov - 2018 / Apr | (700 Hours)

Internship | ARAG IT

ARAG SE Nederland. | Leusden
I’m proud to say that I’ve got the chance to work at ARAG SE Nederland. The IT Department of ARAG SE Nederland is not that large but has a great team of professionals. They provided me with the change to learn more about IT and their environment.

2015 / Sep - 2018 / Jul

ICT Management | MBO N4

MBO Hilversum - RocVA | Hilversum
During my training in ICT Management I am trained to become a Level 4 System Administrator. Despite the fact that the MBO in The Netherlands has little to offer for eager students, I am very motivated to complete this study this year.

2016 / Oct - Present

Co-Founder & Technical Engineer

SDHD Hosts Vof. | Nijkerk
SDHD Hosts is a Webhosting Company founded by Koen van Wegen and myself. Here I work as a Technical Engineer, I am responsible for physical and virtual servers, customer relationships and business constructions. I also make sure that our services get the 99.9% uptime guarantee we offer and that all our customers are being served.

2011 / Sep - 2015 / Jul

Electrical Engineering | VMBO-B

Corlaer College | Nijkerk
At the Corlaer College I followed a VMBO programme of 4 years. My elective was electrical engineering. Here I learned a lot about power and electrical connections. I also learned how to read diagrams and how relay boxes work.

2016 / Apr - 2016 / Sep | (550 Hours)

Internship | System Administrator

OnGuard Holding B.V. | Nederhorst den Berg
As an Internal ICT at OnGuard Holding B. V. in Nederhorst den Berg, I went through an internship period for my study programme from April 2016 to September 2016.
Daily activities, 1st line support, incident management, documentation building, project management, demo environment management.

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coffee per week


Visual systems builts


Automation Scripts
Bash / PHP


Online DELL Servers


Websites Build


Client Side
Windows Desktop
Linux Desktop
Mac OS
Server Side
Windows Server
Linux Server
VmWare ESXi & vCenter






Visual Basic



  • Webhosting
  • Windows Server
  • Virtualisatie
  • VMware ESXi
  • VMware vCenter
  • Dell PowerEdge Servers
  • IT Infrastructure Management
  • PfSense
  • CentOS7
  • Red Hat Linux
  • Veeam Infrastructure
  • Database Management
  • PHP Programming
  • DNS / DHCP


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I all kinds of cake!

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Beer =

A cozy beer is always welcome, my favourite beer is Hertog Jan.

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Frosting Donut

Donuts are always delicious with the coffee! By taking a different donut from time to time it stays nice.

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Big Mac Menu

My favourite late evening snack is a big mac menu anyway.

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Fondant Donut

Donuts are always delicious with the coffee! By taking a different donut from time to time it stays nice.

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Coffee is more like a daily must have!

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Scrambled Eggs

A tasty scrambled egg with some pepper and salt is a good lunch.