I am a Junior Technical Engineer. I am driven, innovative, productive, productive, problem-solving and highly motivated to work in a structured way in a professional working environment.

My goal is to orient myself as broadly as possible in all kinds of sectors within the ICT sector. I would love to work in a professional working environment where I have the opportunity to develop myself and grow in as many aspects as possible.

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Server Management

I have extensive experience in managing virtual servers, but I also have a lot of knowledge about visual servers.

Application Management

I'm good with applications, I learn how the software works easily and I can give clear instructions on how to use the program.


I'm always focused on working in a safe working environment. Without viruses, bad passwords and weak firewalls.

Happy customers

My goal is to make all customers happy with the services we provide. Our services should help them not to be held back.


I am always very customer-oriented, I am there to help the customer with services or a possible problem.

System Administrator

I hope to work as a system administrator in a fun company. Here I hope to learn a lot and be from great value to the company.


Djamon provides a piece of structure, organization and overview. By thinking in a solution-oriented way and sharing the knowledge with his colleagues, we can serve our customers better. Someone on whom we can build and is prepared to take an extra step for both shop and colleagues. FERDI A. TASKIN - CeX Nederland, Manager
Djamon is a hard-working young man, eager to learn, honest and subdued.
Has a big heart for ICT. In good in analysing problems and devising solutions.
A professional in pre on which you can build!

AMANUYL OK - OnGuard Holding, System Administrator

Would you like to contact one of my references? Please feel free to contact me for their contact information.


But Why?

Most people ask me why I would take a fulltime job if I already have my own Business. I think the question is fair but simple, the kind of business I’ve started with my co-founder Koen van Wegen is a mostly automated business. Our only tasks are Fix, Innovate and Support. To be able to do this, I have to learn more about IT, companies and useful software.

My objective

My objective is to gain a great deal of knowledge on all kinds of different things within ICT. I would like to orient myself as broadly as possible. I can not sit still because of that. I am a real doer. When I start a project I have to get it done.

My last words

Since I am already very broadly oriented at the moment, I would very much like to use my knowledge in companies like yours. I am not a standard intern or staff member. I am an asset to your company.